Our smart and distinctive school uniform is worn by students in both the Junior and Senior schools. Sixth Form students do not have to wear uniform but follow a formal dress code.
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School uniform

In the Senior School, the girls wear a green and red tartan skirt, a white blouse, a red jumper with green stripes around the cuff and neck, and a red blazer with badge.

In the Junior School, the girls wear the same as above but with bottle green tights and no blazer. In the summer, they switch to a red striped dress with white socks.

We have recently moved to a new school uniform supplier, Schoolblazer, who are the UK’s leading uniform and sportswear supplier. Parents will be able to order new uniform items from a dedicated Schoolblazer website which will go live at the end of June 2022.

Sixth Form dress code

Students in the Sixth Form do not wear school uniform, but they do have a formal dress code to follow. Girls should wear clothes that are suitable for an interview or a situation where they are representing the school.

Key items include:

  • a tailored style jacket
  • a smart skirt or trousers
  • a shift dress or similar
  • sensible and appropriate footwear of neat appearance