Scholarships and bursaries

Scholarships and bursaries are available in our Senior School and Sixth Form. Find out all the information on what we offer and how to apply, below.
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Scholarships and bursaries

Our scholarships are available to young women who show true potential, a dedication to learning and a lot of ambition in any subject

Recognising talent

One of the ways we recognise outstanding talent at Redmaids’ High is through our Scholarship programme. Every student has the opportunity to become a scholar, and these are awarded on a tiered basis, bronze, silver and gold. For an academic award, selection will be based on exceptional entrance examination results. Applicants for Music and Sports awards take part in set assessment days.

During their time at Redmaids’ High, scholars will be given access to a range of opportunities, masterclasses, additional training and competitions in order to stretch and challenge them in their field of preference. In addition to this, for truly exceptional candidates, there may be a financial award made, however, in most cases fee-remittance for scholarships will be on a means-tested basis. Means-tested scholarships could be up to 100%.

Sport scholarships

We award Sports Scholarships, on a tiered basis (Bronze, Silver and Gold) to students who show significant potential in one of the schools’ main sports (or show exceptional talent in other sports). They are likely to play at club or area level (including the school’s A-teams for hockey or netball) and have the potential to play at regional or national level.

The deadline for applications for 2022 Sports Scholarships will be announced soon.

Music scholarships

We award Music Scholarships, on a tiered basis (Bronze, Silver and Gold) to students who show exceptional musical talent. Awards are made to pupils who are likely to make or who have already made a significant contribution to the musical life of Redmaids’ High.

The deadline for applications for 2022 Music Scholarships will be announced soon.


We offer a number of fully and partially-funded places. The assessment of a family’s means takes parents’ income and the value of capital assets into consideration. More information on applying for a bursary is set out in the Bursary Policy.

Special awards (Year 7 only)

For those joining at Year 7, two 100% funded places – the John Whitson Award and the Florence Edith Rowbotham Award – are available.

The John Whitson Award is a means-tested, 100% scholarship given to a girl who demonstrates academic ability in the Year 7 Entrance Examination and who would be unable to attend Redmaids’ High School without this financial assistance.

The Florence Edith Rowbotham Award provides a 100% fully funded place. It is awarded at the discretion of the Head (on the basis of wider criteria) to a girl who has done well in the Year 7 Entrance Examination. Parents are invited to contact the school to discuss any special circumstances.

More information about scholarships and bursaries can be found here or please contact Admissions on 0117 962 2641 or email

Our scholarships are available to young women who show true potential, a dedication to learning and a lot of ambition. If this sounds like you, then please get in touch with our Admissions team today.

The Sixth Form Scholars’ include:

  • External and internal students joining Year 12 who have been awarded any of the Scholarships below
  • Existing Senior School scholars.


Redmaids’ High School has expanded its range of Sixth Form Scholarships to celebrate this significant period in the history of our two founded schools and to highlight our ongoing commitment to girls’ education and to academically able young women.

For internal and external candidates we offer:

  • STEM Scholarship – science, maths, technology, computing
  • Liberal Arts Scholarship – English, humanities, languages
  • Performance Scholarship – music, drama, art.
  • Senior Sports Scholarship – emphasis on the school’s major sports of netball and hockey (although other sports will be considered)

For external candidates only:

  • IB Scholarship – to reward commitment to the international values and ethos of the IB.
  • Oasis Academy Brightstowe Scholarships – up to two special scholarships are available to girls from Oasis Academy Brightstowe who excel in their GCSEs, scholarship exams and interviews.
  • Further means-tested scholarships can be awarded to excellent students from maintained schools.


A number of means-tested, partially-assisted places may be available to girls joining the Sixth Form from other schools. These are awarded under the John Whitson foundation and the John James Foundation for Bristol Children. As a broad guide, most bursaries offer up to 50% discount on the fees.

‘Discretionary Bursaries’ are also available to allow girls to continue their studies at Redmaids’ High Sixth Form.

The John James ‘Tools of the Trade’ Award

This annual award, worth £1,500, is given to a Year 12 student whose studies incur specific and substantial additional expenses. For example, a musical instrument, travel costs or specialist technical equipment. Each March we invite students to apply to us, in writing.

For more information about Sixth Form Scholarships and Bursaries please contact the Admissions team on and to register your interest in joining Redmaids’ High, please fill in our Sixth Form Entry Information form and our Registration Form.