Bursaries, Scholarships and Development Grants

At Redmaids’ High, we continually recognise outstanding talent and achievement, which is why each year we offer a number of Bursaries, Scholarships, Awards to girls joining our school with opportunities for our current students to become a scholar at specific points in their time at school.
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We have a growing programme for financial assistance available at all Senior School entry points. We want Redmaids’ High to be accessible to ambitious and able girls across Bristol and beyond who would benefit from the education we offer, regardless of socio-economic background. To achieve this we are increasing our offer of means-tested fee assistance. 


Once registered for the school, any student at any senior year of entry will have the opportunity to become a scholar. Scholarships are awarded on a tiered basis and further information is available in the attached sheet below. For an academic award, selection will be based on exceptional entrance examination results. Applicants for Music and Sports awards will need to complete a separate form at the point of registration and a shortlist of candidates will be assessed on set days. Current students also have the opportunity to apply to be a scholar moving into years 7, 10 and 12. All scholars will need to display true passion and talent for their subject to be considered.

During their time at Redmaids’ High, scholars will be given access to a range of opportunities, masterclasses, additional training, and competitions in order to stretch and challenge them in their preferred field. In addition to this, for truly exceptional candidates, there may be a financial award made. Scholars play an important part in the school community, by sharing their enthusiasm and being an example to their peers.

Athena Development Grants

Redmaids’ High has launched a very special and unique innovation which can only be found at our school, to help all students foster a passion for learning and develop their interests and skills. A grant of £250 is available for all students to claim from Year 9 onwards, to put towards their own personal development to acquire new skills, purchase enabling kit or an immersive experience. You can read more about this exciting opportunity in the document below. 

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