Preparing for the Future

We believe that your education should be dynamic and adaptable to the ever-evolving needs of the modern world. Our students leave our Sixth Form knowing that there is nothing they cannot do – nurturing that kind of mindset is vital and is a key focus of what we do.
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Our Lighthouse Programme

Sixth Form is a perfect time to discuss and prepare for key areas of student and adult life; to debate key topics and form your own opinions on the things that matter.

From money management and loans, to UK politics and the Middle East; car maintenance and cooking on a budget, to public speaking and managing your reputation online – we’ve got it covered in our very own Lighthouse Programme. 

Delivered through timetabled lessons, assemblies, tutor times, talks and throughout our renowned Activities Week, this unique weekly programme has been developed with input from Sixth Form students, so that it truly meets your needs – today and tomorrow. 

Something special, is that the programme links closely with our strong female Alumnae too, who love to come back and share their experiences, showcase their diverse paths to success and quite often, offer guidance through our Lighthouse Mentor Programme.

Enrichment beyond the Curriculum

Enrichment beyond what you will study in the classroom, plays an invaluable role in shaping who you are and what your future could be. Whether it’s developing your public speaking ability through our very own RED Talks, or fostering a sense of social responsibility with our volunteering projects, the opportunities outside of your academic studies will help to empower you to be the best version of you; confident, compassionate and a desire to make a positive impact in your community. 

Leadership Opportunities

There are also opportunities to lead your peers and the younger students of the school with head roles and captaincy positions, as well as taking charge of areas that you are most passionate about; the environment, charity giving or digital learning are to name only a few.

These positions provide a powerful platform for students to lead, influence and inspire our school community, giving them the opportunity to make real and everlasting change.