Life after Redmaids’ High

Our students leave Redmaids’ High Sixth Form as confident, independent, curious, critical thinkers with the knowledge and skills to succeed in whatever path they choose to follow.
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Life after Sixth Form

There are many choices available for our students to pursue after they finish their studies. We work closely with each student to understand their passions, interests, long-term goals, and aspirations and set realistic yet challenging goals to ensure that they are setting themselves up for success. We are so proud of all our students, and the huge variety of pathways they choose to follow and feel very privileged to have had a part in play in their Sixth form experience.

Supporting every student

Our Lighthouse programme offers comprehensive careers guidance to our Sixth form students to help them make the right decision about their future. Regular enrichment opportunities are provided to all our Year 12 and 13 students through our ‘Career Talks’, where former students or external speakers are invited to talk about their career journeys. Thanks to our strong alumnae network, we launched the Lighthouse Mentor Programme, which enables Sixth Formers to connect with former students who have studied courses they are interested in or are succeeding in careers they too want to pursue.  

At Redmaids‘ High School, we believe every student is unique. We work with our Sixth Formers closely in a supportive and nurturing environment to tailor a development plan to explore all options, which will prepare them for life after Sixth Form. Students attend a range of events to plan their next steps including Careers Fairs, a UCAS convention and bespoke subject workshops.

Whether it’s ongoing support during the UCAS process or help researching the best apprenticeship opportunities, our students are paired with a staff subject mentor and receive specialist guidance throughout their time in the Sixth Form. 

Lighthouse mentor programme

University destinations

University is a common choice for our Sixth Formers and remains an excellent option for students looking to gain valuable qualifications. Our students leave us to go to many of the best universities in the world.


Degree Apprenticeships are increasingly chosen as young people opt to join the workplace and gain hands-on experience in their chosen field alongside achieving a degree qualification from a leading university. We help students find apprenticeships that interest them and support them through the application process. Former students Rachel and Jess share their experiences of pursuing apprenticeships below. 

Gap Year

Taking a gap year can be a fantastic way for students to spend time exploring a new place, trying new things, and broadening their perspective before they begin their university studies or start working. It can also be a time for self-reflection and discovery. Gap years can help students build confidence, develop life skills, enrich their CVs, and better understand which career or personal path they wish to follow. We provide students with information on gap year opportunities and hold a gap year fair, giving students the opportunity to browse through a range of gap year programmes.