Pastoral care and well-being

A key strength of Redmaids’ High is the structure of pastoral care your daughter will receive here. We want our students to realise their full potential so helping them to enjoy school and stay healthy, both physically and mentally, is one of our top priorities.
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Pastoral care at Redmaids’ High

The process of growing up in today’s world can be challenging at times, and we know that the successful navigation of life at Redmaids’ High School is built upon effective communication, high expectations and unwavering care and support. Pastoral care is our strength.

Our students’ well-being is one of our top priorities. To ensure our students stay healthy, both physically and mentally, pastoral care is integrated into every aspect of school life. We have a dedicated pastoral team made up of an Assistant Head Pastoral and Well-Being, Heads of Year, Assistant Heads of Year, three school nurses and two school counsellors, to whom students can speak in complete confidence.

Empowering our students to develop confidence and a genuine sense of their self-worth is extremely important to us. We aim for every student to have a strong set of values, to pursue their ambitions while also fostering compassion, thus enabling them to positively impact the world after they leave school.

We firmly believe that this objective is best attained through robust pastoral support and a collaborative effort between the school and parents/carers.

The early help system at Redmaids' High School

Parenting in Partnership

Parenting in Partnership is a unique initiative that emphasises the importance of co-operation and communication between the school and parents/carers. This collaborative approach will maximise the opportunity for success, well-being and the personal development of each one of our students, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your daughters.

As part of this initiative, one of the important support resources that we offer is our Tooled Up Education membership. Tooled Up is a platform offering our families and staff members privileged access to a digital library packed full of evidence-based tips, activities, expert educational webinars and enlightening podcasts, on all matters relating to mental health, aspiration, learning, digital well-being and family life. For more about this platform please click HERE.

Someone to talk to

Each student is assigned two Form Tutors who meet with them every morning, serving as mentors. These Tutors not only facilitate academic excellence, but also attend to emotional well-being and nurture individual talents. Maintaining the same Form Tutors from Years 7 to 11 ensures both consistency and a profound understanding of each student. In the Sixth Form, students have the same tutor for Years 12 and 13. Form Tutors are supported by Heads of Year and Assistant Heads of Year.

We offer a counselling service where students can refer themselves at any time. Additionally, our three friendly school nurses are readily available until 5pm each day. Our trained Sixth Form Wellbeing Ambassadors collaborate with various year groups, offering lunchtime chats and organising informative sessions on a variety of topics.


Our year groups foster a strong sense of identity and community. The House system offers avenues for leadership as House Captains in the Sixth Form and encourages friendships to blossom across the whole school community. These friendships are pivotal, serving as an indispensable support network not only during their time at Redmaids’ High, but also as your daughter transitions into the professional world.

Settling in at Redmaids’ High

At Redmaids High, we have a welcoming and supportive environment where students cultivate strong friendships. We recognise the importance of instilling a sense of belonging in new students, which is why we organise a comprehensive programme of events to facilitate their smooth transition to the school.

Engaging in activities such as team building exercises and new student days have proven highly effective in fostering bonds between students. Participating in some of the many sport, music, drama, clubs and societies on offer present wonderful opportunities to forge new friendships. Your daughter will quickly integrate into our community, feeling valued and naturally finding her place amongst her peers.

Our teachers empathise with the experience of being new and prioritise creating a supportive atmosphere. A simple friendly greeting can make a significant difference, and they always extend a warm welcome to any student who may feel isolated or uncertain. Rest assured, we are committed to ensuring your daughter’s happiness, well-being and success at Redmaids’ High School.

PSHE Programme

Through this extensive programme, students gain the knowledge, understanding, and skills necessary to navigate their present lives and prepare for the future. Integral to our holistic approach, this programme underpins everything we do academically, fostering the qualities and attributes essential for individual growth, strong family relationships, and responsible citizenship in today’s society.