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Our girls' schools - junior, senior and sixth form

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With a history dating back to 1634, Redmaids’ High School has long understood how valuable single sex education can be in starting girls on the right path in life. Our two founding schools, The Red Maids’ School and Redland High School for Girls, were built on this principle: to give each of our girls an exceptional start so they can enjoy happy and fulfilling lives. 

Today, with supportive, inspirational staff and a progressive mindset we celebrate our girls’ individuality. With excellent facilities and wide ranging opportunities, we help them become inspirational young women with a global outlook, fully equipped for whatever path they choose in life. 

Our Senior School mission statement

Redmaids’ High School aims to provide an educational experience for pupils in which intellectual development, academic success and pastoral care are complemented by high quality performance in the arts, sport and co-curricular activities.

We aim to develop the academic ability of girls from many different backgrounds and cultures and to fulfil their potential by equipping them with the skills and knowledge to succeed in a changing world.

It is our aim that girls here will be happy, independent and ambitious students who enjoy learning and who are able to make a positive impact on their world.

We encourage them in their social, personal, moral and spiritual development and we foster a sense of community through a friendly and caring environment.

These aims are underpinned by a commitment to their professional and personal roles as young women connected to a global society, and by a strong awareness of their unique founding, cultural heritage and traditions.

Our Junior School mission statement

At Redmaids’ High Junior School we aim to create a stimulating, friendly and caring environment for our pupils and to promote a positive attitude to learning across a broad based curriculum, which is complemented by high quality performance in the arts, sports and co-curricular activities. We aim to develop the character traits of our learner profile within our pupils so they are well-equipped to move into the wider world. We aim for them to have an understanding of their place in the global society, as well as their local community. We are committed to encouraging good levels of self-esteem in each of our children by recognising the ‘whole child’ and meeting individual needs within an overall philosophy of high and consistent expectations for all pupils.  

Aims of the School: To educate the ‘whole child’ within the community of the school, applying a framework of high and consistent expectations, whilst recognising each child’s individuality.

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