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IB Diploma: depth and breadth of learningIB Diploma

We were the first IB World School in Bristol and now have ten years' experience of teaching the IB Diploma to our Sixth Formers.

The IB is an exciting option that nurtures inquisitive minds and helps to cultivate global thinkers. In a world that is constantly evolving, it sets students up to be creative, thoughtful and principled and to thrive in international communities.

The IB Diploma is a prestigious and well-recognised qualification around the world.

Since we introduced the IB in 2008, we have had excellent exam results. Not only do our girls have a 100% pass rate but they consistently meet or exceed their expected points score:

Maximum point score available


Our point score average *


United Kingdom average


Global average




* Five-year average

What is the IB Diploma Programme?

If your daughter chooses this option she will take a two-year linear course, with final exams. This gives her the opportunity to choose a broad range of subjects, three of which are studied in depth at ‘Higher Level’. Whichever subjects she decides on they all benefit from a coursework element.

The IB also includes extra-curricular activities such as sport, music and community work, which are credited as part of the diploma. International mindedness and whole pupil development are central to the IB philosophy.

To stretch your daughter further and help her grow academically, the IB also incorporates ‘Theory of Knowledge’ classes and an Extended Essay. These build highly-valued study skills for university and beyond, and allow exploration of topics entirely off syllabus.

In 2018, the IB celebrated its 50th anniversary and we marked our 10th year of delivering it.

Watch this programme to find out more about the success of the IB and its global community.

IB film










What some of our former IB Diploma students think about the IB

Copper Lewis – class of 2014  Geography graduate and environmental workerCopper Lewis – class of 2014 
Geography graduate and environmental worker

I studied Geography at Durham University and completed a year abroad at the University of Otago in New Zealand. After graduating, I started working in river geo-morphology and natural flood management.
Every day, things I didn’t realise I had learnt whilst studying the IB pop up in life. It helps to develop much more than just academic skills.

Ella Harrison – class of 2018 - Medical student, University of Oxford

Ella Harrison – class of 2018 - Medical student, University of Oxford

Studying the IB allowed me to develop interests, both academic and non-academic, in a broad range of areas, giving me new ways of thinking and approaching problems. 

I truly believe the IB helped me gain offers for university, and really helped prepare me for the style of university work.


Eleanor Hemming – class of 2014 – Russian and History graduate, Civil ServantEleanor Hemming – class of 2014 – Russian and History graduate, Civil Servant

I would choose the IB again because I think it is so important to study a range of subjects for as long as you can - even if you think you don't love all of them. 

And because I loved the international aspect of it - not only do my colleagues now from around the world know and respect the IB, or even studied it themselves - but I ended up studying topics and literature that I wouldn't necessarily have come across in A Levels.



Got some more burning questions about the IB not answered above? See our FAQ sheet.

IB students are:

  • more than twice as likely to enrol at one of the UK’s top 20 universities

  • 30% more likely to achieve a first-class honours degree

  • nearly twice as likely to succeed in an application to medicine or dentistry  

  • twice as likely to continue with further study after their degree.

Source: HESA. Experts in UK higher education data and analysis.

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