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A place to become an exceptional young woman

At Redmaids’ High School we seek to inspire our girls and offer genuine joy in learning, rooted in scholarship and passion. There are no limits to what we want students to feel they can go on to achieve.

Paul DwyerOur aim is to provide the best possible foundation for these aspirations to be met. I warmly invite you to come and see this in action, to meet our students and see for yourself the way in which they are already starting to shape the world.

There is much on offer at Redmaids High, and we encourage all of our girls to get involved across a diverse array of opportunities both within and beyond the classroom. Sparking curiosity and ensuring that students are able to take delight in discovery in the same way that their teachers do is at the centre of our approach. Our staff are friendly and committed professionals, who take pride in their subject expertise and dedication to learning. Our curriculum is rich and forward thinking, while still doing justice to the heritage and traditions that have served the School well through centuries past. We take seriously the privilege of preparing students for their steps beyond school while still enjoying all that they do.

This approach extends to all areas of school life. Girls at Redmaids’ High will develop as leaders thanks to our extraordinary extra-curricular and sporting provision. They take pride in collaborating with others, whether in charitable and community focused projects or as part of the orchestra. They are brave in seeking new challenges, such as performing monologues in our world-class performing arts facilities or mentoring others through House Events. They are open-minded and reflective, seeing themselves as part of a global community and engaging with great maturity in the wide range of trips on offer.

In all of this, we want to ensure that the diverse and exciting paths that students will follow are celebrated. As you will see during your visit there is no ‘typical’ Redmaids’ High student, but there is a clear sense of community and support that gives strength to all its members and helps them fulfil their potential.

It is a privilege to lead such a tremendous school, that is both respectful of its past as the oldest girls’ school in the country and eager to forge new paths in education so that we might continue to do justice to our extraordinary students.

I look forward to meet you and your daughters very soon.

Paul Dwyer


"My daughter has settled into life at Redmaids' High beautifully. It has been a stress-free and positive transition to senior school - thank you!"

Year 7 parent

Visit Us

We regularly hold visiting events but you are equally welcome to make a date to look around on an individual basis. Click here to complete our enquiry form.

Junior School

We offer a diverse curriculum and aspirational environment to support your daughter to become a confident student. We are now booking girls in for assessments starting in November.

Senior School

Our main point of entry is Year 7 but girls also often join us at Year 9 having completed their prep school education.  We are now booking girls in for Year 7 taster days this autumn.

Sixth Form

Opportunities here will provide your daughter with valuable experience in taking charge, decision-making, organisation and communication

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