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Latin and Classical Civilisation

veni vidi vici!

Some of the most exciting events in history occurred under the Roman Empire – the assassination of Julius Caesar, the scandalous affair of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra, the rebellion of Queen Boadicea against the vicious Roman invaders…to name just a few!

In the Classics Department, we seek to bring the past to life and show its impact on the present, which is particularly relevant in a country where Romans once walked and approximately half our words come from Latin.

Students study the language, literature and culture of the Romans in Latin, and the broader topics of mythology, Greek and Roman literature and the ancient world in Classical Civilisation.

Latin and Classical Civilisation are both options at GCSE and A Level, and are examined by the OCR board. Teaching and learning is varied with books, digital resources, re-enactments, games and teachers who are passionate about everything ancient.

Find out more about the OCR GCSE in Latin.

Find out more about the OCR GCSE in Classical Civilisation.

Enrichment and extra-curricular

We organise academic day-trips to Caerleon in Wales, the Corinthian Museum in Cirencester and the British Museum, London and biennial overseas trips to Italy, Greece or Rome.

Pupils from the department often compete in local and national competitions including the UK Linguistics Olympiad CICERO and the Classical Association Latin Plays competition.

floreat lingua Latina! (Long live Latin!)

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