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WOW - our Juniors are into maths

“Are you a square?” was the question being asked at the Junior School’s first WOW day, focused on maths and geometry.

No – they were not testing our fun factor – they were purely measuring our height and arm span to find out if we were square people – or tall oblongs or wide rectangles.

As a Year 3 pupil explained: “We found out that most people are not square – but two of our teachers are, Mrs Joyce and Miss Clark, which means they are quite special.”

During the day, the girls were learning geometry in creative, practical and fun sessions, focusing on 2D and 3D shapes and using computer programs, and geometry equipment to help produce a wide range of models and pictures.

They made dodecahedrons from old greetings cards, colourful ‘spirograph’ designs, and towers from straws and cocktail sticks, amongst many other things.

Headteacher Lisa Brown said: “Everyone got involved and the girls really responded to the practical element of the day. They honed existing maths skills and developed new learning together in a fun way.”

Date Posted: 15 November 2018
Junior STEM

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