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Investing in well-being in the Junior School

Investing in well-being

Mrs Wakelin, our Head of Learning Enhancement in the Junior School, has a simple aim: to ensure every girl here thrives.

As a specialist educational assessor, she does this by analysing the learning patterns of each individual pupil, and developing programmes to help them achieve their full potential.

Working closely with teachers, who observe the girls on a daily basis, and using data from the latest screening tools, Mrs Wakelin can quickly identify specific requirements.

“For one pupil, she may need a programme that allows her to be stretched and intellectually challenged,” says Mrs Wakelin, “whilst for another, their profile may suggest they would benefit from additional, tailored, personalised support. This could be for dyslexia or dyscalculia, or to boost a limited working memory or slow processing speeds. By understanding how each girl approaches their learning, we can work with teaching staff to put practical, bespoke support measures in place.”

Her expertise extends well beyond academic progress. Recent research shows that self-esteem and confidence play a far bigger part in pupils’ learning than we had previously appreciated, so the team are also trained to provide psychological support. This means teaching the pupils coping strategies and helping them develop real resilience, so they have the tools to overcome any challenges they face.

For example, it is entirely normal for young people to experience self-doubt - particularly in relation to academic performance when they often compare themselves unfavourably to others. “By helping the girls here recognise unhelpful thinking, and giving them the ability to challenge and re-direct it, they are far more likely to be able to cope, adapt and move forward,” says Mrs Wakelin.

Headteacher, Mrs Brown adds, “At our Junior School, we know our pupils benefit on a daily basis from small class sizes, a nurturing environment and outstanding pastoral care, but our ambitions extend well beyond these walls. We want to equip our girls with the practical and emotional skills they will need to succeed well into the future, and our learning enhancement programme is a big part of that.”

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Date Posted: 06 November 2020

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