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Developing resilience

A key focus of our Year 7 PSHE curriculum is helping the girls adapt to their new school environment and building confidence. We encourage them to step outside their comfort zones, take on new challenges, and have the courage to make mistakes – so they can learn from them. 

Recently, the whole year group came together for a creative, song-writing day, to show them that if they work together, and persevere at things they may find difficult, they have the ability to make something amazing.

The girls had five hours, working in teams, to create, rehearse and then record a song. The theme of the day was resilience so an initial brainstorming session helped them develop their understanding of what this means.

They then worked together to create lyrics and accompanying melodies and record individual parts of the song. Going on to work in larger groups, they also devised choreography for the final video.

Supporting the girls throughout were four professional musicians from ‘The Songwriting Charity’, which seeks to support the emotional health and well-being of children using music and technology. 

Speaking of the day, Head of PSHE Ms Heywood said, “A fear of failure can really hold young people back, so we encourage our girls to ‘have a go’ and to be prepared to try lots of different things. Many of them were quite reticent about performing to start with – particularly about singing solo parts – but as the day progressed, I saw their confidence and their willingness to get involved grow. I am proud to say that the finished pieces, Believe The Impossible and Keep On Pushing On  represent the girls' own ideas and initiatives.

Date Posted: 20 March 2018
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