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Bringing Ancient Greece back to Redmaids’ High Junior School

Redmaids High Junior School enjoyed an interactive day of learning dedicated to Ancient Greek history

Yesterday, Redmaids’ High Junior School enjoyed an interactive day of learning dedicated to Ancient Greek history. 

As part of their Humanities studies this term, Years 3 and 4 have been able to fully immerse themselves in Ancient Greek culture and dressed up in traditional Greek costume for the day. With the help of ‘Nicomedes’ the Greek, historical learning was really brought to life, as he led a range of imaginative activities and role-play. 

In the morning, the girls enjoyed highlights such as learning about Greek gods, the history of Archimedes, and the Battle of Troy and Persia. They also played traditional Greek puzzles and board games and took part in a comprehension quiz. 

At lunchtime, a magnificent Greek feast was served of souvlaki, filo pastry and saganaki, all finished off with a choice of traditional sweet desserts. 

A day of immersion into Greek history could not be complete without learning about warfare between the two major city-states Athens and Sparta, and this long-standing conflict was brought to life with interactive role-play in the class room. There was also a mini Olympics games to round of the day and the girls performed the myth of Jason and the Argonaut.

The pupils all had a great day and got to experience Ancient Greece, first-hand. This type of interactive learning really helps to spark their imagination, make subjects memorable and brings a real sense of fun to their studies.

Date Posted: 23 January 2019
Humanities Junior

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