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An Art Trip that brought tears to our eyes!

The heat-sensitive flooring at Tate Modern where our body heat left a non-permanent print

"Year 11 art students travelled to London to explore some of the UK's best art galleries. 

“We began the day by splitting into groups to explore the awe-inspiring Tate Britain. We were able to see a wide variety of artwork by multiple artists who all work in very different styles. We took pictures of the pieces which interested us and that were most relevant to our individual projects. We also took time to draw some of the pieces that particularly inspired us. 

“Next we boarded the river taxi to the Tate Modern taking in the iconic sights of London as we travelled up the Thames. We alighted at the Tate Modern – an extremely impressive building, huge and industrial. We interacted with the work of Cuban artist Tania Bruguera, whose installation involved visiting a room which brought us all to tears! It was filled with an organic compound which made us cry and smelled very much like peppermint. 

“We also spent some time on the heat-sensitive flooring, where our body heat left a non-permanent print. We explored the different levels of the gallery, finding inspiring pieces of contemporary art on every floor, including: a cous-cous town sculpture, a tower of radios all playing the same song, political and emotional photography, a Sainsbury's receipt with all ‘white purchases’ and paintings and sculptures that we had only ever seen in books before.

“It was one of the best trips we've been on! Being able to explore the galleries independently allowed us to develop our ideas and return to Bristol feeling fully inspired! A huge thanks to Mrs Sims, Head of Art, for organising.”

Written by Darla and Megan (Y11)

Date Posted: 20 November 2018

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