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A talk on indigenous tribes

A talk on indigenous tribes by Amaira

As part of our Sixth Form RED Talks programme Amaira from Year 12 spoke to staff and students about indigenous tribes.

She focused on five tribes in particular whose stories she felt needed telling, the Bushmen, Baka, Baiga, Van Gujjar and Agariya people.

During the presentation, Amaira exposed the misconceptions some people may have towards tribes such as these, and the challenges indigenous people face in an increasingly globalised world.

She also spoke about how the tribes live respectfully alongside wildlife and the natural environment and in doing so leave a very small ecological footprint.

Today’s talk was a short summary of the findings she has published in a book called Displacement of indigenous tribes: Uncovering the detrimental impact. Amaira has pledged to donate all proceeds from her book to the Van Gujjar School in Uttarakhand, India. A pledge that Parragon Publishing in India have matched.

Speaking of her work, Amaira said, "I hope that writing this book, and speaking to the school, helps to raise awareness of these tribes and the injustices they face."

Date Posted: 27 February 2020
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