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Redmaids' High student to voyage to Antarctica

Madeleine Williamson, student at Redmaids High

Redmaids’ High student Madeleine Williamson has been selected as one of 90 people to join an Antarctic Expedition with Robert Swan OBE, as part of the 2041 Climate Force Foundation.

The 2041 Foundation’s mission is to engage businesses and communities on climate science, personal leadership and the promotion of sustainable practices. The expedition Maddy is joining also commemorates the 200th anniversary of the human discovery of Antarctica by an Imperial Russian Navy expedition.

Maddy, who is in year 11, will be the youngest person taking part if the ‘Leadership on the Edge’ programme in November 2021, learning leadership development skills, climate change training, and sustainability education which will give her a lifelong set of resources, ideas and connections.

Joining the trip will be Robert Swan, OBE. Swan is known for being the first person to walk the geographic north and south poles, and his 900-mile journey to the South Pole, ‘In the Footsteps of Scott,’ stands as the longest unassisted walk ever made on earth. With him will be renowned experts on glaciology, geology, oceanography and wildlife who will share their knowledge with participants.

‘I am really looking forward to using the skills and knowledge that I develop on this trip to raise awareness of climate change and change the way people look at the environment. I’m excited to leave my comfort zone and learn leadership skills which help me educate others on climate change and see me on my way to becoming CEO of my own company.’

To join the expedition, Maddy must raise £12,000, which she intends to do by working with local businesses, and via sponsorship. Businesses who are interested in sponsoring Maddy are invited to get in touch via marketing@redmaidshigh.co.uk, and the public can donate to her crowdfunder at this link.


Date Posted: 14 June 2021
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