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Redmaids' High alumna out in the world

Arabella on her international travels

We received this wonderful email recently from Arabella who left Redmaids' High Sixth Form last summer after completing her IB Diploma. We felt we just had to share it - and you are very welcome to do the same:

“I just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for all the amazing things that I was lucky enough to get up to in Sixth Form. The skills I learnt then have already helped me in my gap year while travelling.

"I am in Alice Springs in Australia now but have just returned from two months in Fiji. While there I lived with a family of five in a small one roomed tin house in a village called Nakasaleka on the island of Kadavu. I taught at the village school along with other volunteers, running one to one sessions in maths and English for pupils who were identified as struggling in school. I was with Year 3&4 who were such a lovely year group although were massively behind as they hadn’t had a teacher all year.

"The mentoring I had done while in Sixth Form was invaluable as I was able to easily plan lessons and knew what to do to help different children learn as I had done it before, even though it was with different age groups.

"I also found that because of my three-week, sixth form trip to Cambodia I was able to adapt to the basic living conditions and hot humid climate far quicker than the other volunteers. I was also able to get stuck into village life straight away as I didn’t have as much of a culture shock having experienced sleeping in a hammock and bucket showers before!

"The challenge of teaching children who didn’t necessarily speak much English was overcome quickly, as teaching in Cambodia taught me ways around the language barrier such as using diagrams and demonstration to explain things.

"I also knew how to make lesson plans and recognise when to change activity if attention was fading.

"The most important thing I learnt from school as well was to have confidence in myself. A few years ago I would have never thought I would go off travelling around the world by myself and have the confidence to do so.

"I’m very grateful that Redmaids' High gave me the chance to gain the experiences which have helped me a lot already, so thank you.”

If you are inspired by Arabella's experience and are thinking about your Sixth Form options, our upcoming IB Diploma Information Evening is just for you. It takes place on Monday 17 June, at 7.00pm at Redmaids' High Sixth Form centre. Please email our IB Co-ordinator Mr Brealey at p_brealey@redmaidshigh.co.uk to confirm your attendance. Look forward to seeing you there!

Date Posted: 04 June 2019
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