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Headteacher's blog: Don’t forget to have fun! 

Headteachers blog: Don’t forget to have fun! 

"I cannot stress enough the importance of play, and ensuring children have fun while they are at school. Elements which are probably more important now, during this pandemic, than ever before.  

"It’s worth remembering that in nursery and infant school, children start learning to read, write and understand numeracy, through play. In our view this enjoyment should continue throughout the primary school years. So much so, that children should really look forward to going to school each day to learn about the world.

"A good teacher will make each lesson engaging and highly interactive. Just one reason why every girl here at Redmaids’ High Junior School has their own iPad - because this latest, up to date technology, provides dynamic, new learning opportunities. It is also why we love singing, dancing and performing; climbing, adventuring and exploring; creating and imagining; puzzles, games and books – because they are all tools we use to make teaching fun and memorable. 

"If we can instil a love of learning in our children, whatever their age, we are setting them on a much more positive path. 

"To that end, one of the greatest compliments I ever received is when a pupil said to me, “My friends thought I was at a really academic school. I just thought I was having fun.” 

"So, focus on the joy – and I believe success and achievement will naturally follow."

Mrs Lisa Brown, Headteacher Redmaids' Junior School. October 2020

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Date Posted: 20 October 2020
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