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Ellie heads State-side

Ellie Wallace has joined a team of elite athletes at the University of San Francisco (USF) in the States, having secured a Scholarship for her outstanding achievements in both athletics and academia.

Ellie attended Redland High School from the age of 10 to 18 and achieved A*AA in Geography, Biology and Physical Education. “It was actually quite a tough time”, she reflected, “I got shingles half way through the examination period and I certainly wouldn’t have got through it had it not been for the immense support system I had around me in terms of parents, friends and the school.”

By going to the States, Ellie has the chance to reach the highest level in her chosen sport at the same time as gain a degree. She said, “All-American units provide amazing support for their athletes - from physio, nutrition, kit, top coaching, massage, sports medicine - you name it they have it! It really is an athlete's dream and the opportunity to train with the amazing athletes at USF is just awesome.” 

Ellie also explained, “Academically there is a lot of flexibility as you don't have to choose your degree specialism until the second or third year, so I’ll start by studying maths, economics, rhetoric and composition and dance.”

Ellie started running with North Somerset Athletics Club at the age of 11, and the sport has been a big part of her life ever since. She currently trains six days a week, doing a combination of runs and ‘strength and conditioning’ work. Ellie has competed at a national level in the 1500m over the past few years. She came 4th in the 2015 English Schools Track and Field Championships and was selected to represent England at the Sainsbury's school games that same year.  

Speaking of her success, Mrs Davidson, Deputy Head at Redmaids’ High School said, “We are all absolutely delighted for Ellie. American Universities have a great deal to offer elite sportswomen so it is something we really encourage our students to consider.”

Date Posted: 04 September 2017
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