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35 years of outstanding service

35 years of outstanding service

Maggie Edbrooke, Deputy Headteacher at Redmaids’ High Junior School will retire this summer after 35 years.

Mrs Edbrooke (or Miss Jones as she was then) joined the Junior School in 1986 – the year it was founded – having completed a degree in Education at King Alfred’s College, Winchester.   

In a career spanning almost four decades Maggie has seen hundreds of girls pass through the school – many of whom have been quick to pay tribute to “a special teacher who always went the extra mile to make lessons fun.”

“Joining a newly-formed school was so exciting,” explains Mrs Edbrooke. “At the time, there were just four members of staff and three classes, but we developed an exciting, bespoke curriculum and we all worked around the clock to make every lesson fun and stimulating.”

“Obviously the school has grown and evolved over the years but the special ethos remains. Creating a fun, stimulating environment that the girls feel happy in, forms the foundation of everything we do.”

Paying tribute to a much-loved teacher, Headteacher Mrs Brown said, “Mrs Edbrooke is not only an outstanding teacher who has impacted the lives of many girls, she is also a highly-respected colleague.

“As a member of the Junior School’s Senior Leadership team she had been instrumental in developing an outstanding, innovative curriculum for the pupils, and she has also mentored and guided many professionals within the teaching team.”

“She is also great fun to be around and we will all miss her positive energy and fantastic sense of humour.”

Reflecting on her time at the Junior School Mrs Edbrooke said, “My abiding memory will be of many happy days in the classroom, having fun with the girls as we learn and work together.”

Date Posted: 02 July 2021

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