Supporting the whole child

In the Junior School our pastoral care and support permeates every interaction we have. Staff model the way we expect our students to communicate with each other and the girls are guided in how to be supportive towards one another.
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Pastoral care


Each week, every class has a timetabled Jigsaw lesson that explores personal, health and social education in a graduated, age-appropriate approach. We also invite speakers from the NSPCC, Lifeskills Education, e-safety experts and first aid agencies to support our timetabled assembly programme. Time is also taken to adapt and respond to the needs of the children at any time and develop themes that reflect topical issues. Access to a school counsellor is available if the need arises.

Juniors looking out of the window

Everybody knows everyone

Girls are given a ‘Big Girl’ when they join to help them settle in and sit with them at lunch. Friendships are encouraged across the school with activities and clubs being vertically grouped whenever possible.

Support for parents

Pastoral talks and advice for parents on a range of subjects are available across the Junior and Senior Schools. PSHE twilight talks and evenings are available at the Junior School and through the Senior School where advice is readily available on a range of pertinent topics. In fact, we provide support for all members of our community, our staff too.

Helping balance work and life

We all live busy lives and the traditional school day can make it hard for parents to organise their work/life balance. To make things easier we offer flexible wrap-around care from 7.30am until 6pm. Other than the cost of breakfast, this ‘extended day’ is included in the fees.


All of this support ensures that girls move on to Senior School with a positive mindset and are confident, well-rounded individuals, ready for their next step.