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Redmaids’ High School Association

Redmaids’ High School can draw on the immense strength and support of alumnae from the two founding schools.

The Development and Alumnae Team of Jo Downing and Linda Spencer-Small work with former students and supporters from both communities to organise events, deliver news and school updates and co-ordinate fundraising priorities.

All students who leave the School join Redmaids’ High School Association, giving them the opportunity to keep up to with school news and that of their peers.  

To join our community or update your contact details please contact Linda Spencer-Small or Jo Downing on development@redmaidshigh.co.uk

For members of our community who went to either Red Maids’ School or Redland High School for Girls, you can still keep in touch with the Red Maids’ Society and the Redland High School for Girls Old Girls’ Guild (RHSOGG).

Where it all began

Redmaids' High brought together two of the finest all-girls schools in the South-west

Recognising success

Every year at Prize Giving we celebrate the achievements of our successful alumnae

Best for Girls

This is an environment where girls can immerse themselves in learning, free from judgement 


Help us ensure the next generation continues to benefit from the outstanding education offered here

Redmaids' High School
Infant & Junior

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Grange Court Road
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Redmaids' High School
Senior & Sixth Form

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