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Where it all begins

We provide an outstanding education for girls when they join us in Reception from the age of four.

Curiosity is the first step to effective learning and we use many innovative ways to stimulate your daughter’s inquisitive side, both within the classroom and the wider world beyond. School days are a joyful combination of lessons and activities, motivating and gently drawing the best out of your child, wherever her talents may lie.

Our ‘home-from-home’ school provides a positive atmosphere where children feel calm, happy and secure. This is supported by our small class sizes and high staff ratios. This reassuring environment reinforces your daughter’s self-esteem and emotional wellbeing as she discovers the magic of becoming an active learner.

A love of books and enjoyable experiences of maths and science all create a great basis for progression into the Junior School. Integration is also helped through countless opportunities to be inspired by older role models, building valuable relationships with supportive peers and committed teachers.

While we want every child to feel challenged and enthused, ultimately we want them to be happy. For parents, this means you can relax knowing your daughter is in a school where she will positively thrive.

Lisa Brown


"Isla has settled into Redmaids' High very well and the school has really helped to grow her confidence through the small class sizes and the friendly, nurturing environment.  She's having fun and clearly enjoys school - so much so that she asks to go to breakfast club and stay in after school care so she can play with her friends."

Mr Overy, father of Isla, Year 2

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We regularly hold visiting events but you are equally welcome to make a date to look around on an individual basis. Click here to complete our enquiry form.

Junior School

We have developed a rich curriculum and caring, aspirational environment to support your daughter to become a confident student

Senior School

We have the experience and expertise to allow our girls to excel whilst helping them understand humility and curiosity, collaboration and possibility

Sixth Form

Opportunities here will provide your daughter with valuable experience in taking charge, decision-making, organisation and communication

Redmaids' High 
Junior School

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Redmaids' High School
Senior & Sixth Form

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TES Schools’ Award – Shortlisted – International
TES Schools Award – Shortlisted – Sports