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The Redmaids’ High School uniform reflects the unique heritage of our founding schools, the Red Maids’ School and Redland High School for Girls by bringing the two former school colours, red and green, together.

The Senior School uniform comprises a green and red tartan skirt, a red jumper with green stripes around the cuff and neck and a red blazer with badge.

The Junior School uniform is the same as above but with bottle green tights, no blazer and a red striped dress for the spring and summer terms.  

The Infant School uniform is a white blouse with a green and red tartan pinafore and bottle green tights or socks.

The newly-branded PE kit will be available from January 2018.

Our uniform is supplied by John Lewis, and the Cribbs Causeway branch has samples of all sizes in stock for girls to try. Orders need to be placed online via the John Lewis Redmaids’ High School uniform pages although please note the new uniform is not yet available on the website. It will be from the end of July.

Redmaids' High School - Infant School uniform

Redmaids' High School - Junior School uniform 

Redmaids' High School - Senior School uniform

Sixth Form dress code

Students in the Sixth Form do not wear school uniform, but they do have a formal dress code to follow. Girls should wear clothes that are suitable for an interview or a situation where they are representing the school.

Key items include:

  • a tailored style jacket
  • a smart skirt or trousers
  • a shift dress or similar
  • sensible and appropriate footwear of neat appearance

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